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Greater Camp Ministry Impact

Support That Makes A Difference

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Executive Coaching

Don’t be puzzled by the name. Simply put, executive coaching is an inquiry-based approach to personal and professional development.

Sessions are designed to help leaders and organizations navigate toward a clear understanding of their purpose and potential.
We work to create greater awareness, generate action, and facilitate learning and growth - leading to greater ministry impact.

We Get It!

We share the belief that God has great plans for your camp ministry!

Our coaches are experienced in leading Christian camps. They've been where you are and understand how to help.  

Our coaches are eager to join you,

shoulder-to-shoulder, on the journey to greater ministry impact

Image by Chang Duong
Image by Razvan Mirel

Our Approach

Discovery.  Development.  Delivery.


Discovering where growth is necessary

and understanding how to achieve it.

Developing goals and the strategies necessary to accomplish them. 

Delivering action plans to implement the strategies needed to achieve goals and realize ministry impact.


The specific challenges facing a camp ministry need to be met with customized strategies.


Our coaches work in partnership

with camp leaders to craft and

implement these strategies.

Unified in purpose and belief,

together we move toward the ultimate goal - greater ministry impact!

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Healthy leaders lead to healthy teams.  


Healthy teams lead to healthy ministries.


Healthy ministries lead to greater 

ministry impact.  

Our goal is to help you cultivate a healthy camp ministry.  

For Christ, For the Kingdom, For Camps!

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